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Philip Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych and Dr Marie Peeters-Ney MD

Raised in Canada, Dr Ney graduated in medicine from the University of British Columbia and trained as a child psychiatrist and child psychologist at McGill University, London University and the University of Illinois. He is an academic and clinician of over fifty years. He has taught in five medical schools, been full professor three times, served as hospital and academic department chairman, and established three child psychiatric units. He has done research into child abuse for more than forty years and has published many papers and books on this subject. In his early research he became increasingly aware of the connection between child abuse and abortion.

Dr Peeters-Ney is an American. Having obtained her medical training in Belgium and her paediatric specialty training in the USA and Canada, she worked at the University of Paris with the world-famous geneticist, Jerome Lejeune, and won an important scientific prize for her research into the biochemical causes of mental retardation.

Together they have studied children who are survivors of abortion. From their experience conducting therapeutic groups for women and men suffering from the effects of child abuse and/or abortion, Philip Ney wrote "Ending the Cycle of Abuse" (Taylor Frances, New York) and "Deeply Damaged" (Pioneer Publishing, Victoria, BC), which summarise his research and describe the theoretical structure of a Psychology of Created Humanity.

Karen Yoder

Karen Yoder is a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife. She practiced in numerous places including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Twenty years ago, she left her nursing profession to devote full time to parenting and to work with her husband in their dairy farming business. Glenn and Karen have three adult children and five grandchildren.

In the year 2000, Karen trained and was certified with the International Hope Alive Counselors Association and has been leading groups since that time. She provides the Hope Alive group therapy  course in Central Pennsylvania, at various locations, and on ZOOM for those who are far away.

ZOOM Groups

ZOOM Groups require the following:  *Strong self-motivation to grow and change.  *Full commitment to group work for six months:   ZOOM sessions once/week for 2-3 hours, with three follow-up sessions.  *2-3 free individual ZOOM sessions for evaluation. *Support Person with whom you debrief.  *Physician and Pastor with whom you may seek support. *High speed Internet access in a private setting with good lighting.  *Printer for homework assignments. *Ability to send pictures of artwork by email. 

To participate in a ZOOM Group:  Review the Principles of Commitment to Hope Alive Group Treatment Program and send with a completed Intake Form to Hope Alive of Juniata Valley.

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